Appicenter Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Voice Output via Android's TTS System

Q: The voice output sounds all wrong, how do I fix this?
A: Follow these instructions: Fixing Wrong Sounding Voice Output
Q: The voice output is occasionally wrong
A: Read up on these suggestion: Android TTS background info
Q: How can I add Portuguese voice output to my phone
A: Follow these instructions: Portuguese Voice Output
Q: How can I add voice output for a new language to my phone
A: Follow these instructions: adding new voices
Q: There is not voice output or it is of poor quality
A: Follow these instructions: Changing Voice Output
Q: The voice output gets certain forms wrong (e.g. fuimos). Some words do not result in any voice output. Why does this not get fixed?
A: This is a problem in the text-to-speech system which ships with Android, not a problem with the app: Background info for Android's TTS


Q: Is there a Kindle Version?
A: Yes, some of our apps are available for Amazon's Kindle
Q: Is there an iPhone/iOS version?
A: No, not currently.
Q: Is there a version for language X?
A: No, not currently.


Q: Can I purchase the app via Paypal?
A: Most of our apps can only be purchased through the Google Play Store which currently does NOT accept Paypal. In some countries giftcards can be used:
Q: Do I have to buy the apps again for a new/second phone/tablet or when re-installing?
A: No, as long as you use the same gmail account in the google play store, you will not be charged again.
Q: Can I transfer the app to a different account
A: No, but you can have multiple accounts on one phone.
Q: Can I return a purchased app?
A: Apps can only be returned via the play store as described here:


Q: The menu button is key to accessing additional functionality. But where is it?
A: Android Menu Button